Wetsel House

This is the oldest known structure still standing in Allen today. An archaeological dig on the original property site concluded the building dates between 1873 and 1881, with some earlier dated foundation bricks.

The house reflects two styles of homes – an I-house because of the floor plan and a Pennsylvania Dutch Farmhouse because of the placement of the stairs, two front doors and floor plan.  It consisted of the 2 front rooms, with a central chimney and fireplace and 2 rooms above them. The lower addition at the rear was typical of the period and usually featured 1 or 2 rooms deep and a wide porch along one side.

This home was on the 1848 headright of Lewis Wetsel, a well-known furniture and cabinet maker. The stairway banister is very unusual and indicates familiarity with cabinetmakers’ books of the time. The front of the house features a wide front porch, 2 entrance doorways and 2 windows. The upper floor has 2 windows.

The stage coach road from Dallas to Sherman came by this house and its orchard. Pottery and artifacts from the dig indicate some affluence.

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