Baggage cart in front of station


The Texas Electric Railway, popularly known as the Interurban, ran through Allen from 1913 to 1949. The station was and still is, located at 105 South Butler Dr. A Texas historical marker stands outside. A baggage cart kept near the loading dock was used for baggage, mail and freight. Over time that cart disappeared, but another replaced it in the 1960s when the owner of the building at that time was involved in a restoration project along with obtaining a historical marker for the building from the Texas Historical Commission. The property changed ownership over the years, and the cart remained outside rotting and rusting away. A few years ago SMA Architects bought the building and are now leasing it. In 2018 they donated the cart  to the Allen Heritage Guild.

The restoration group spent several months replacing wood, removing rust, painting pieces and reassembling the baggage cart. Lead restorer Ed Bryan, presented a PowerPoint program showing the work done by members of the Guild. The baggage cart is now on display at the Allen Heritage Guild Museum. Another piece of Allen history preserved.

An exhibit in the Museum at the depot presents historical information on the Interurban and its great effect on the growing City of Allen.