caboose arrives at depot museum

In January 2020, a caboose was relocated to the Depot area from the Village at Allen on Stacy Rd. The Allen Parks and Recreation Department handled the negotiations and move. Plans are to refurbish it for use at the Depot Museum.

We have very little background information on the caboose but were provided with drawings of the interior and exterior along with specifications. Originally the caboose was used on the Rock Island Lines. It was built in 1930 and modified in 1955. It is steel framed with a wood roof covered with canvas. The cupola is off-center which usually indicates that the short stretch of roof top is the back. The caboose is 29 feet long with an inside width of 8½ feet. It weighs 47,400 pounds.

The Guild welcomes the participation of anyone interested in painting and refurbishing the caboose. Please contact the Guild through the website.